Vendor Love \\ Monique Hessler Photography

 There are certain wedding vendors who genuinely love their craft, and that shows in their work. Monique Hessler, owner and lead photographer of Monique Hessler Photography, is one of the sweetest souls you will ever meet.  I admire her ability to capture the true and raw love story of each and every one of her couples! 
What sparked your interest to be a wedding photographer?
I first fell in love with photography in high school, when I had to take a fine art and “taking pictures” seemed easy enough! As soon as I was introduced to the complexity of using a film camera in manual mode, capturing raw emotion, then developing and perfecting it in the dark room, I was hooked!  I have been a photographer for 15years, and specializing in wedding photography for 5 years.  After getting married myself, I was instantly inspired to capture other love stories and bring to life the emotion, joy, and incredible experience of the wedding day.
What is your favorite element of being a wedding photographer? 
It is so difficult to choose my favorite part of being a wedding photographer.  I absolutely love witnessing the couples entire journey to the wedding day.  Being there for the couple and sharing excitement during the engagement process, as they prepare and count down to the most incredible day of their life.  Then seeing them on the wedding day and celebrating that it is finally here!  Forming a friendship with the couple and capturing the milestones in their growing love story as they have children.
What is your favorite part of the wedding day? 
I have so many favorite parts of the wedding day!  Witnessing the first time the bride and groom see each other, and the emotion they share as they walk down the aisle without having to say a word.  The bride’s father trying to hold it together as he gives his daughter away, and then squeezes his wife’s hand as he sits down to watch his daughter say i do.  That love glow that the bride and groom share during portraits as they are finally all alone and can take in the magic of the day.  It is such an honor to capture and freeze these incredible moments for the couple to relive for a lifetime.
What advice would you provide to a newly engaged couple? 
I would tell them to wait a few weeks before planning, just enjoy your engagement excitement before jumping into the details!  The planning process can get overwhelming, but always remember what this is all about…It is about you two and celebrating your lifelong commitment to each other,  surrounded by those who love and support you.
What should couples look for in a wedding photographer? 
In many cases, you spend more time with your photographer than you do with your spouse on the wedding day!  It is so important that you choose a photographer that you both feel comfortable with, and enjoy being around.  When interviewing photographers, make sure to ask them any questions that you have even if you think it’s a “silly question”, every concern and question is important!  Look at their portfolio and beyond great lighting and technique, do they capture the details and moments the way you would want them to on your wedding day?  Ask to meet with them before making your decision to see if you make a great fit!
What new trends do you love or are you looking forward to in 2015? 
I love providing the latest trends that my couples request, but ultimately I strive to capture classic work that will last a lifetime.  I have the most amazing couples lined up for 2015 that I have already formed such a great bond with!  I can’t wait to witness and capture their wedding day as their plans come to life!

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