Wed Tech

Technology is a beautiful thing. It can engage your wedding guests and make them feel connected to your special day. It can capture priceless moments in your life that you will never get to relive! Here are a few of my favorite wedding tech tools for the modern bride!

Riley & Grey 

Riley & Grey’s collection of beautiful, crisp wedding websites literally make me drool. Not only are they aesthetically pleasing, but the tools that they offer for you and your guests are pretty f’n cool. 

riley & grey keeping guest organized modern bride

Here is a quick roundup of what Riley & Grey can do for you: 

1. Custom Domain Name 

2. Mobile, Tablet &  Desktop Friendly 

3. Guest Concierge : provide your guests with information on travel, timeline, things to do & a link to your registry!

4. COLLECT RSVPS!! Brides, please save yourself from the wedding fiery hell of rsvps. Have your guests RSVP online for the sake of your sanity.

Speech Booth

Speech Booth lets your guests leave a video message for you and will compile all of the messages into a video! Turnaround time is only 1 week. At $499 this is a pretty good steal and photobooth alternative!


The Appy Couple 

The Appy Couple takes it one step further than Riley & Grey. The Appy Couple features:

1. Live Photo Stream – hook this up to your venue’s monitor to stream the live feed! This is also great to share with your guests who are unable to attend. 

2. Communication – you can send emails to your guests or instant message your wedding planner. 

3. Printable Cards – Cute infomation cards to share how to download your app!

appy couple 2

Slow Motion Photobooth 

Slow motion for me.Because, Juvenile said so.

Bad Ass Event Lighting

Event lighting can completely transform your wedding venue and truly WOW your guests! If you’re in Arizona, check out Karma Lighting

karma event lighting at soho63`

Insta Print

This is probably my favorite wed tech item ever! This sweet printing system will print your Instagram photos, has the ability to custom brand your photos, capture them all in one place and even print from Instagram videos! Rent Instaprint for your wedding or event for only 

instaprint 2 instaprint 1


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