Modern Wedding Signage

Wedding signage allows couples to provide information to their guests in really cool ways. If you’re using wedding signage, try to keep your fonts in the same typography family, or use a combination of a script font and standard font to create a simple and unified look.

Here are some of my favorite, modern wedding signage ideas:

Acrylic Hashtag Sign Ditch the chalk sign and go for a modern, sleek acrylic frame. Get yours here

julie and chris modern bride signage

Laser Cut Signage The beauty of laser cut items is that they can be as big or small as you’d like! Get the Cheers pictured below here. 

laser cut images modern bride signage

Custom Lifesize Letters Bring your wedding theme to life with these tall and bold letters. 

large cut out letters modern bride wedding signage

Mirror Signs Recycled mirror & flower garland, voila! large mirror wedding signage modern bride 

Marquee Signs Say it loud with these bright marquee letters. DIY your own here.

modern marquee lights


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