Top Wedding Regrets

Think of planning your wedding as #yolo. You don’t want to have any regrets when it comes to planning your wedding. Here are the top regrets couples have when planning their wedding. Take notes, fiancees. 

Not hiring a videographer 

I’ve heard so many beautiful speeches, vows and seen some crazy receptions that were not captured on video! Imagine reliving your wedding day, hearing your vows and being there & in the moment. THAT is why you should hire a wedding videographer. On a budget? Ask your local videographer if they’ll make a highlight film with the top 3 events you want captured at your wedding.

Not going on a honeymoon

If you don’t go on your honeymoon immediately after your wedding, or you don’t have one planned yet – your chances of actually going on a vacation with your new hubby are slim. Make sure you carve out room in your wedding budget for your honeymoon. Even if it is a weekend getaway- you deserve to have the first few days as newlyweds alone.

PS I highly recommend Sandals! Photo below is from the Sandals Royal Caribbean in Montego Bay, Jamaica


Having a large bridal party

I’m just going to be blunt – if you have selfish, asshole friends and invite them to be in your bridal party – there will be drama. Choose your bridal party wisely. You are going to bore them with wedding talk, invite them to pick out wedding decor and many other things. Make sure they truly love you and have your best intentions in mind!

Being a micromanaging bride or groom

Some couples get so caught up in the decor, timeline, and details of their wedding they forget the real focus of the day. Put your family members or bridal party in charge of decor and details, have a glass of champagne and RELAX. You’re about to marry the man or woman of your dreams, nothing else matters.

Hiring a friend as DJ, photographer, videographer

Please, for the sake of your sanity and friendships, do not hire your friends as these vendors UNLESS that is their full time job. Leave it to the professionals and invest in a good DJ, photographer and videographer. I’ve seen so many beautiful weddings ruined by ametuer ‘friend’ vendors. Don’t do it.

Large guest count

The #1 budget breaker of your wedding will be your guest count. The higher guest count the bigger the bill. I always tell couples to make an A, B & C list to prioritize their guests. First send out invitations to guest on your A list, and when you receive NO on your RSVPS, then send out invites to the B list and then C list. Need more info on this strategy? Check out The Knot’s guide here.


Second to the not hiring a videographer, almost all of my couples in their last weeks of planning say to me “I wish I would have eloped”. Planning a wedding is a daunting task, and again, couples can lose focus of the true meaning of a wedding. If your family will flip their shit if you eloped, consider a destination wedding. Your guest count will be small and most resorts offer inclusive packages, or you could even get married at Sandals for FREE.


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